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Quality Carriage, Equestrian & Dog Accessories

About Not Just Horses

I have been involved with Carriage Driving horses and dogs most of my life. I own a variety of horses and ponies who give my family and I great pleasure.We attend a few shows through out the year, riding and carriage driving.

I am a member of the British Driving Society and my family and I do attend most of their shows.

I enjoy making things such as dog coats, Carriage driving accessories, miniature horse rugs, horse or pony turnout rugs and stable rugs with neck covers to attach to the horse rug.

I began to make my own horse turnout rugs and aprons for the horses and dogs as I could not find the right fit of rugs for them, I also could not afford most of the prices they were asking!!

A few friends liked my horse turnout rugs and neck covers and the dog coats, so asked for me to make some for them.With all the interest I decided to start a business.

The Not Just Horses NEW line is the Miniature Horse range of rugs from stable rugs to turnout rugs with the Not Just Horses miniature neck covers to match.

My greatest passion is SIGN WRITING. I began sign writing the traditional way, freehand!! Which I am very good at. Now I have a brilliant cutting machine, which cuts out the letters and some designs, obviously this is a bit quicker doing the sign writing like this than the traditional sign writing way.

I still do the traditional sign writing, just contact me if you want something sign written, I also LINE CARRIAGE WHEELS etc.

I do not have a shop for you to visit, you order via the website or over the phone if you prefer. You are welcome to phone or email me if you wish to discuss any items on the site, if the item you want is not on my website, do not be afraid to ask, as I do make most equestrian items.